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School Aims


Springhill Academy is part of the REAch2 Academy Trust. The Trust aspires to create a family of primary academies that have strong reputations for delivering outstanding education for all children. To learn more about the Trust, our staff and our children, please visit:


Springhill Vision

Here at Springhill our commitment is to provide a thriving school community that provides first class learning and enrichment opportunities for all children.

Springhill Mission

We aim to nurture independent children who can ‘reach high’ to attain personal and academic goals and who are equipped with lifelong skills for successful futures.

Springhill Academy nurtures its children by:

Providing a safe, happy school in which pastoral care is given a high priority by dedicated staff;

Expecting and promoting the highest standards of behaviour and respect towards one another, reflected in our value of being courteous;

Giving children an excellent, secure start to their school experience;

Teaching children how to keep themselves safe and healthy;

Establishing positive relationships with parents and carers;

Developing a strong sense of community and pride, with a welcoming “family feel” to the school;

Springhill Academy encourages its children to excel by:

Striving for the highest possible standards of achievement through the provision of an engaging and enriching creative curriculum, reflected in our value of high-achieving;

Being inclusive and committed to providing for individual children’s needs;

Developing ‘go-getters’ who are enthusiastic about their learning;

Teaching our children to be aspirational about their own futures and preparing them to become responsible global citizens;

Ensuring that staff are given opportunities to continue their own learning and to share quality practice with other professionals.

Springhill Academy inspires its children to become independent learners by:

Teaching learning dispositions which equip children with the skills and resilience to make mistakes, tackle challenges and to solve problems;

Celebrating and promoting individual strengths, talents and progress;

Promoting respectful attitudes and encouraging our children to have a voice in the running of their school.

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