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 Early Years Foundation Stage 
Nursery and Reception

Welcome to our fantastic Early Years department at Springhill Primary Academy and Nursery. We provide exceptional learning opportunities for children from the age of 3. At Springhill, our passionate and inspiring team provide an exceptionally high quality, engaging and highly stimulating learning environment; specifically designed for your children.

During a typical day in Early Years, your child will, paint, dig, plant, create, explore and learn actively through our wide and rich curriculum. The whole school ethos to ‘REACH HIGH’ permeates through the Early Years as we encourage all children to become independent, lifelong learners. You will see the characteristics of effective learning; thinking critically, making connections and solving problems, interwoven into the provision.

Our Early Years results evidence that our children make rapid and sustained progress through our concentric curriculum. Our curriculum enables every child to achieve exceptional, holistic outcomes through its ‘mini mission’ approach. Fully emerging every child in their learning and widening and deepening their development through fascination, awe and wonder is at the heart of this curriculum.

Our highly experienced and professional Nursery team is led by Miss Ashford. In our Nursery class, a wide variety of activities are delivered to guide each child’s progress rapidly towards a 'good level of development' and beyond. We provide a highly stimulating and effective environment which leaves the children motivated, curious and wanting to engage in the activities provided. 

In Reception, children are exposed to a more formal, yet play based,  curriculum led by Mrs Bishop, our Early Years Leader. The ‘mini missions’ act as a vehicle to submerge our children into magical learning, where children can feel supported by adults and their environment but are encouraged to achieve independence in learning.
Children begin each ‘mini mission’ with a transformed classroom which could be one of a thousand, child led ideas. These ideas range from a deep sea den lit by torchlight to a fantastical castle designed to inspire story writing and to spark the imagination of every child.

Children want to learn and their imagination is further ignited through a rich and varied curriculum offering enrichment experiences such as visits to the Zoo, the Aquarium and Wildlife Centres.
Across the Reception year we work with uncompromisingly high expectations to ensure essential skills, such as Maths, phonics and reading, are successfully embedded. We use rigorous assessment methods to ensure every child has an exceptionally high level of school readiness to aid smooth and fully supported transitions into Year 1. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to guide our assessment by contributing towards observations using our Tapestry app and through home learning activities.

Outdoor Provision
Throughout the Early Years, our learning is supported by a highly engaging and well organised outdoor environment. Children benefit from their engagement in large gross motor activities. These environments are surrounded by extensive playing fields, an outdoor classroom and Forest school.

We aim to nurture a deep understanding and respect for natural places along with developing the children’s confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning. We hope that this gives you an insight into our bright, engaging and welcoming Early Years provision and would welcome showing you around at a time that suits you.

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