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Lunch Times


Lunch times at Springhill are vibrant and offer the chance for children to be active through a range of enriching sports and activities. Last year, pupils told us it was important to them to have more activities on offer to try. We too, believe wholeheartedly that children should have the opportunity to try a range of activities and stay active.

Lunch is split into two half hour sittings, to enable the children to have both the time to socialise and eat their lunch with their friends throughout school.  Tables are mixed-age, helping children to feel part of the wider school community, and to develop friendships across school.  Older pupils relish helping and getting to know their younger peers, and it is lovely to see buddies blossoming across school.  Children always have the opportunity to sit with a special friend if they so wish.


The playground area is always full of adult supervised activities, such as: football, netball, tennis, skipping ropes, adventure playground, woodland area and there are opportunities to do some gardening, should pupils wish.


In addition, there is an outdoor classroom, which is also packed with activities such as, books, colouring-in, action-figure toys and Lego.


Each lunchtime, the children benefit from these activities, especially due to the fact that the Lunchtime Supervisors and Teaching Assistants are present, setting the activities up and joining in when needed.

Lots of children have also made the most of being outside and some have chosen to do a little gardening, using the tools provided, and learning to spot the weeds: in the process, we have found lots of snails and bugs that the children have chosen to place in our (now thriving) bug house.

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