Springhill Academy - Policies


At Springhill Academy all our systems and procedures and ways of working, including teaching and learning are covered by detailed policies which are designed to secure consistency across the school and provide relevant information to all interested parties, in particular parents and carers.

The school is required by law to develop and implement certain statutory policies covering such areas as safeguarding children’s welfare, health and safety, special educational needs and disability discrimination. These policies are reviewed regularly and are all agreed and ratified by the Governing Body.

The school’s approach to teaching is laid out in our Teaching and Learning Policy and each subject area has its own section of the policy which outlines how we teach the subject, what is taught and the different methods that we might use.

Paper copies of these policies are available upon request at the main office.




REAch2 Admissions Policy 2022-23


Behaviour Policy 2018-21

Behaviour Policy - Covid-19 Updates 2020


Complaints Policy 2019-2022


Curriculum Policy 2018-21

Homework Policy 2020-23

Assessment Policy

Educational Visits Policy 2021-24

Sex Relationship Education Policy 2021-24

EYFS Policy 2018-21

Health & Safety

REAch2 Health and Safety Operational Policy 2021-22

Asbestos Management Policy

HR & Finance

Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy 2021-24

Donations Policy 2020-23

Speak up and Whistleblowing Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Information and Records Retention Policy

Gifts & Hospitality & Bribery Policy 2021-2024

REACH2 Scheme of Delegation Policy 2020-23

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy 2020-21

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021

COVID-19 annex to Safeguarding Policy

Acceptable Internet use Policy 2018-21

Whistle Blowing Safeguarding Policy 2018-21

Allegations Against Staff Policy 2018-21

Children's Anti-Bullying Policy 2018-21

Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018-21

Intimate Care Policy 2020

Missing Pupils Policy 2020-2023

Positive Handling Policy 2018-21

REAch2 E-Safety and Social Media Policy 2018-21

Prevent Policy 2018-21

Staff Social Media Policy 2018-21

SEND, Inclusion & Equality

Equality Duties Framework

Accessibility Plan 2018-21

Pupils with Medical Needs and Administering Medicines Policy 2020

SEND Policy 2021-2024

SEND Information Report

Inclusion Policy 2018-21

REAch2 Single Equality Scheme 2018-21

Miscellaneous Policies

After school Club policy 2018-21

Home Visits Procedures 2020-2023

Induction Policy 2018-21

Visiting Speakers Policy 2018-21

REAch 2 Whistle Blowing Policy 2018-21

Information Security Policy 2018-21

Pupil Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Strategy