What We Teach and When

Click on the documents below to see the skills that we cover in each of our subjects in each year group.


Reading at Springhill

Reading Year 1


Reading Year 2


Reading Year 3


Reading Year 4


Reading Year 5


Reading Year 6

Writing at Springhill


Writing Year 1

Writing Year 2


Writing Year 3


Writing Year 4


Writing Year 5


Writing Year 6

Mathematics at Springhill

Maths Reception


Maths Year 1


Maths Year 2


Maths Year 3


Maths Year 4


Maths Year 5


Maths Year 6


Maths Calculation Policy

The Wider Curriculum


Geography                                                           History                                                             Science                                        

Music                                                                Languages                                                 Religious Education

Design and Technology                                           Art                                                        Physical Education


P.S.H.E                                                             Computing