Curriculum Overview

At Springhill Academy, our curriculum motivates, engages and inspires the children through a series of learning journeys that we have titled ‘mini-missions’. All of the curriculum areas are then delivered through this mission. A ‘stunning start’ launches the learning and hooks the children in from the very beginning. 

The amazing learning journeys that the children go on, cover all subjects and are captured in one book. The missions allow for clear coverage of the National Curriculum, evidenced in the schools’ curriculum coverage grid.

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Learning For All

Teaching and learning is underpinned by cognitive challenge. Teachers use the model of ‘Basic, Advancing, Deep’ to ensure differentiation is appropriate and does not place a glass ceiling on learning for any child.

Differentiation occurs through careful and strategic task matching and questioning where staff create the correct conditions for learning by delivering learning centred around an Essential Learning Objective which provides opportunities for depth of learning.

The environment engages and inspires children, but is also language rich to support the children’s oracy and writing development throughout the mini-mission.

Learning With A Purpose

The focus for our missions is to provide contextualised, purposeful learning that develops ‘life skills’ so that children are ‘secondary’ ready by the time they leave. The journeys in learning foster the development of writers, mathematicians, historians and geographers etc.

Celebrating Learning Attitudes - Reaching High

A core driver for our curriculum is developing children’s learning attitudes and behaviour for learning. Throughout the mini-missions, children are given opportunities to reflect on how their learning attitudes are developing and children demonstrating these attitudes are recognised and rewarded within the classroom and the whole school celebration assembly.