Enriched Experiences

Providing enriched experiences for all of the children at Springhill Academy is at the heart of our curriculum. From the age of 2 until a child leaves at 11, our children are provided with a range of enriched opportunities.

As enrichment is so important to us at Springhill Academy, we provide a number of school clubs each night free of charge for all to attend. These clubs include Drama Club, Lego Coding Club, Art Club, Forest School Club and plenty of Sports and music clubs also, to name but a few. We also offer Breakfast Club, starting at 7.30am and After School Club until 6pm every night. (Please see Wrap Around tab for more information in Parent section of website.)

A child will leave Springhill Academy with a full passport of enriched opportunities, a scheme which we are proud to announce that we have launched this year - we call this '11 before 11'. Some of these experiences include:

- sleeping under the stars

- direct and produce a short film

- paddling in the sea or river

- climbing a mountain

- singing around a campfire

- the opportunity of visiting a different country.

Each year we ensure that our children attend at least one core trip. These trips range from visiting a Zoo, Year 6 week-long residential at Laches Wood; Dudley Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and Cadbury's Chocolate Factory to name but a few.

We ensure that children leave Springhill as successful, thriving British Citizens. The British Values are embedded into the curriculum and cultural appreciation and diversity is celebrated across the school. Differing faith representatives visit the school and cultural celebrations are organised across the school  calendar year.